What do I do if my item is faulty?

If you have received a faulty item in your order, you may of course return it to us at no extra cost and order it anew for the same price. Returns can be registered in our return portal. You will then be provided with the necessary return material and information on how to return your parcel.

Please make sure to note down the correct return reason code on the return slip, so you will not be charged for the return shipping.

If the return period for your order has expired, you will not be able to receive the return material for your order in our return portal anymore. In these cases, please reach out to our Customer Service.

Please note that the final decision on a possible refund can only be made once we have received and assessed the item in our warehouse. If the warehouse staff comes to the conclusion that the fault is due to normal wear and tear, the faulty item may be refused and returned to the customer.

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